Tuesday, March 13, 2007

"BLESSED" by Jodi Nations PIVOT Graduate 2007

Oh how were so blessed the God of the universe is at our side
And in his perfect will and word shall we always abide
Even though there’s many things God says to do
With the help of his sprit I know we’ll make it through
We must stay on our toes & keep up our guards
Because the attack from satan will be nothing less than hard
In order for you to grow in the LORD
You and Gods word must be on one accord
Abide in him and he’ll abide in you
God said all are called but the chosen are few
My prayer is this, that our time we will not waist
Because Heaven is near and of its fruit we shall taste
So rejoice my brethren for the time is at hand
When we the chosen ones of God will make the final stand
They’ll know who we are by the words we’ll speak
The world is blind, and satan is oblivious to his own defeat
Many will be deceived and fall subject to the devils spell
Less they repent; cry out to Jesus, there sole will be destined for HELL
Oh how were so blessed the God of the universe is at our side

A testimony from a Graduate from 1980

Pivot Ministries Graduate from April 1980
Fredrick B. Goldin

My Father was the son of an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi that immigrated to the United States from Russia during the first revolution in the early 1900’s. If you ever have seen “FIDDLER ON THE ROOF” you will have an idea what my Father experienced, escaping communism and religious persecution.

My Grandfather was Rabbi Samuel Goldin. Principal and teacher at the “YESHIVA” (a Bible school for Rabbis), in the Bronx, NY. As an adult my father decided to live a more liberal American Jewish lifestyle. So my Jewish upbringing was more cultural than it was spiritual. My family had moved several times. This left me very lonely, depressed and starving for acceptance. In September of 1973 I was invited to a Campus Life for Christ “BURGER BASH”. This was an outreach that offered me the opportunity to eat all the cheeseburgers I could eat, at the same time also hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ preached for the very first time. I was more interested in cheeseburgers than I was with Jesus. But there was a seed planted in my heart.
After attending many months of youth events and Bible studies. I invited Jesus to be my MESSIAH on January 20, 1974. For the first time in my life I felt loved, accepted and like there some purpose for my life. I understood what it was to know Jesus as my SAVIOUR but not as my LORD. After graduation from High School, just starting out in life. I allowed the cares and riches of this world to make me fall away from God. By the end of November 1979 I was addicted to drugs, alcohol, jobless, and homeless. I needed help. I had 3 choices. Suicide, The United States Army, or coming to a place called PIVOT MINISTRIES. I was too chicken to commit suicide and too fat for the US Army. So my only real option was to come to PIVOT.

I came into the Norwalk Induction center on November 29, 1979. Pivot was like a combination of a Spirit filled Bible College with the discipline of the US Army. It was at Pivot where I gained a solid foundation of Bible study, and started to learn what it was to know Jesus, not only as my Savior, but as LORD. After completing Pivot, I was transferred to the Teen Challenge Training Center in Rehrersburgh, PA. It was there I learned how to play the piano and the calling to full time ministry was confirmed in my heart. I graduated the entire program on January 2, 1981.

Since then I have had the opportunity to travel all over the USA and Canada playing music and directed one of the Teen Challenge choirs. I went to Southeastern Bible College in Florida. I eventually moved to Las Vegas, NV. Where I held many different secular jobs. I sold cars, pianos and organs. I even drove a taxicab for many years. I found a fantastic church, ICLV (International Church of Las Vegas). I started a ministering to homeless people with drug and alcohol addictions, out of my 2 bedroom apartment. After about 3 years of doing this, I realized I needed more training in this area of ministry. So as of January 2007 I moved from Las Vegas and am back working with Pivot Ministries on staff and with their Public Relations department. God has a wonderful plan for my life. He started my journey here 26 years ago at Pivot and has brought me back, to fulfill the destiny and plan He has for my life.

I want to thank all the Churches and people who have been faithful in their giving to this Ministry. For 37 years Pivot has been used by God to save and change the lives of thousands of men. Each of the men who come through the doors of this ministry will go on to touch hundreds maybe even thousands of lives. This will be counted as fruit to your account, for your faithfulness to PIVOT MINISTRIES.

Monday, March 12, 2007

"Daddy's Little Girl" by Fredrick B. Goldin

By Fredrick B. Goldin
In a time, not so long ago. When your heart was innocent and young,
When life was just so fun, And everything had just begun.
You were daddy’s little girl.

You had tea parties with all your friends, Playing dress up and making pretend.
That you’re the princess all dressed in white. Dancing with your Prince all through the night.
You were daddy’s little girl.

It’s been year since time has passed. Holding onto fantasies that wouldn’t last.
You know it’s nice to be able to dream, But life is not fair, and Oh! So mean.
You were Daddy’s little girl.

With no home, you’re out in the street. Pregnant and hungry with nothing to eat.
Your mind is clouded through all of the drugs. All you really wanted was just to be hugged.
You were daddy’s little girl.

Now you’re all grown up, thinking of happier days. Wondering how you got into this place.
You think to yourself, Does God have a plan? Happiness must be more than sleeping with a man.
You were Daddy’s little girl.

Then one day you heard about, the passion of Christ. Jesus’ love brought tears to your eyes.
Why did He do it? He suffered and died. To go to the cross, you ask yourself, why?
You were Daddy’s little girl.

God is your Father, filled with so great a love. That He gave His son Jesus sent from above.
Just open your heart, and accept God’s love. Never forget this, God does have a plan.
BECAUSE, You ARE Daddy’s little girl.

Thursday, March 8, 2007


PIVOT MINISTRIES, INC. is a not for profit (EIN 06-0839030) Christ centered, Bible based, drug and alcohol rehabilitation program for men. Pivot Ministries’ mission is to treat not only drug and alcohol addiction as a spiritual problem; but the whole man, spirit, soul, and body. We consider the men to be cured, when they have an intimate relationship with Jesus and have overcome their addictions. We desire to see our graduates return to society, ready to assume the daily responsibilities of life, while living for Christ. We believe that,” if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!” 2Corithians 5:17 NIV

Pivot Ministries is a Christian residential outreach program for men struggling with substance abuse. PIVOT welcomes men from every background. PIVOT does not employ the use of substitutive drugs in the rehabilitation process. But rather offers a structured, supportive environment where men learn acceptance, discipline and love through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. PIVOT MINISTRIES desires to help the men on more than just a spiritual level. The men who come into PIVOT are ministered to on a spiritual, emotional, and physical level.
· The men’s spiritual needs are met by using Christian based Biblical principles.
· Their emotional/psychological needs are met through one-on-one and group counseling.
· Their physical needs are met through traditional medical intervention and use of the facilities of the YMCA in Norwalk and Bridgeport.

The men who come to PIVOT receive immediate shelter, orientation and evaluation in our center in Bridgeport. After 3-4 months there, they are transferred to our residence in Norwalk, where they will spend an additional 3-4 months. Many of the residents who come into our care have been homeless; some are referred to us by local churches, and others are court appointed. The men who complete their studies at Pivot are now eligible to continue their discipleship training at the Teen Challenge Training Center in Rehrersburgh, PA. Upon successful completion of a 12 month Christian program either at Pivot, Teen Challenge or any other Christian ministry, graduates are eligible to enter the Alonzo Smalls Re-Entry home. It is there where the graduates will gradually re-acclimate to society, living a drug free Christian life.

We need someone who would be willing to assist us in season grant writing. The time and effort to accomplish this would be voluntary. Also volunteers to tutor the men with general education diploma requirements, (GED) and Bible teachers are needed as well. We encourage your congregation visit our facilities. Appointments for tours of either our Bridgeport or Norwalk homes can be arranged by calling our office.

Your Servant in Christ’s Name,

Rev. David B. Smith
Executive Director